Based in the City of London, we established ourselves as a small catering service offering a kitchen-to-desk service where our team of experienced chefs delivered home fresh made to order catering straight to your desk at work giving the diner a refreshing lunch time experience without the worries of eating unhealthy and the lack of variety whilst at the office.

Our Mission is Here to Share

Our client’s response and demand has led to White Horse expanding its reach to cater for large-scale events without loosing the importance and experience of one to one intimate dining.
White horse chefs extend their artistry and passion using culinary methods at a grass root level ensuring every dish is cooked fresh with flavors that will tantalize each and every sense ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.
White horse catering brings together all the ingredients to make, not only your dining experience perfect but also to ensure a flawless experience for your day weather an extravagant wedding or an intimate dining experience for your party, every detail is put in place with sheer passion.



Here at White Horse we understand the importance of wedding catering. Our chefs experience and knowledge alongside with our dedicated wedding planners ensures you that each guests experience at your wedding will be unforgettable. We believe that every aspect and detail of your special day is as important as the next, from the perfect balance of ingredients in every dish to the jaw dropping visuals on your day. Our team of creative wedding planners will be by your side every step of the way leading up to your special day ensuring that your wedding experience is bespoken to your vision making your dream a reality.
Not only does White Horse deliver exquisite food, but also with our strong affiliation with numerous venues around the UK and our endless list of vendors working alongside White Horse with the added benefit of wedding décor, we can confidently deliver an unbeatable all inclusive wedding package detailed around you.


We at White Horse believe that first impressions count, we therefore reflect this on any corporate event from breakfast meetings to boardroom lunches to extravagant gala events. Our catering and events team understand that any corporate event hosted by White Horse is an extension of the corporate client and in turn extend the artistry created by our team to reflect the excellence of each and every corporate client. There is nothing to big or too small for the White Horse excellence of fine dining.

Private Dining

White Horse philosophy behind any event weather it’s a private intimate dining experience at home, a funeral wake service or you just want to provide an exquisite team lunch at work we always believe that your dining experience reflects your day to day mood as food consumed at any given time has an almost immediate effect.
This is why our event managers will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure a high quality service and dining experience is provided from the moment your guests arrive. We provide all your needs from cutlery to the ideal shade of napkins to the perfect centerpieces. We deliver your vision.


White Horse have the honor to be on numerous preferred caterers lists at locations all around the UK. We therefore provide a venue search service for our clients saving them time and effort looking for that perfect venue. Or why not let White Horse represent you at your preferred venue to maximize what the venue can offer you. With our experience we assure you that we eliminate the sting of hidden costs that may occur once a venue is booked. This saves you the added stress and costs of making your day stay within the budget you have in mind.

Express Lunch

White Horse appreciates the daily importance of deadlines and stresse of city life in and around work. This is why we have taken a step towards the needs of office employers and devised a means to have all your nutritional needs to keep you going without jeopardizing your health.
We have introduced an App for you to download where you can order your lunch within seconds and have it delivered to your desk at your desired time. All of our lunches are catered round your individual nutritional requirements. You can even speak to our nutritionist to tailor make your daily or weekly lunch with the added benefit of knowing exactly what goes in your lunch and in turn consumed by you without jeopardizing on the mouthwatering flavors provided by our freshly cooked cuisines. We encourage you to know your intake of protein, carbohydrates and ‘healthy fats’ and promote healthy, nutritional values in every express lunch.